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Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge on your first attempt?

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70 (30.4%)

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Author Topic: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?  (Read 62840 times)


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Re: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?
« Reply #105 on: August 14, 2014, 02:11:49 pm »
Yes!! I was approved at the hearing (bench decision)! I didn't hear the judge say it, but my attorney did she told me about it! the only people that were there was a v.e. attorney and the judge and that lady who types!! my hearing was in Missouri 7/24/2014! just waiting on letter now!! they said I would hear something about 2wks to 60days! before I get it I guess?? 


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Re: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?
« Reply #106 on: September 19, 2014, 04:16:08 pm »
My hearing took place May 5th 2014 , it was stressful the weeks before I have PTSD _ I  had a favorable decision today September 19 2014  Awesome,!  Now I need to read the 20 page letter. :Main13: :Main14:


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Re: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?
« Reply #107 on: October 21, 2014, 01:29:56 pm »
When I was denied for SSDI, I appealed right away by myself with a Dire need letter/info & SSA mailed back info that I had a court date in 3 months. I had an attorney at that point that took my case on, went to my ALJ hearing 5 weeks ago & found out by my attorney I was approved yesterday :) Very nice judge with an 82% winning streak. I think most are under 30% winnings but my ALJ made it very easy for me to get through the hearing because she was so nice. I was a little neverous bc prior to going in the room with the ALJ, my attorney told me that she Usually approves/denies on the spot (normally approves) so when she told me she would let me know her decision in 4-5 weeks, I was nervous & I thought I lost even though my attorney said he thought I pretty much won. My case was a little more difficult than others per my attorney said. I'm not talking about Disabilities either, my date last insured was 2007 so the ALJ had to find me disabled before 2007 in order to be approved for SSDI so it made my case a little more difficult but I got through it & won!! Not to mention I did not have a lot of medical records from prior to 2008 But I do have records going back to 1994 (most are recent) & my psychologist I have been seeing since 2001, came to my ALJ hearing & supported me & spoke to the ALJ about me conditions & etc. Mu onset date the ALJ gave me is 2006.


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Re: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?
« Reply #108 on: March 07, 2020, 10:00:15 am »
I accidentally hit the no button but I was approved by the alj the first time.  I did take over four months for my attorney to get the decision,  that because I spoke with ssa representative and I was told a letter was sent out today and my attorney checked and he was able to access a FULLY FAVORABLE decision.   I am still waiting for the letter but I am fine just knowing that I was approved.   Everything else is secondary.  Now to fight on with the long term disability denial from my employer.   I need that to be changed so I can have enough money to live on.

Team Bob

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Re: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?
« Reply #109 on: March 07, 2020, 11:12:24 am »
No!  It was one of those classic horror stories you read about where the judge ignores ALL the opinions and evidence in your favor and "cherry picks" a  couple lines to deny you!  In fact, when I got my federal remand the federal judge outright said in his decision that the original judge cherry picked!  I was amazingly approved by the same judge at my second hearing with a bench decision.  Even more shocking about my win to me was the fact that his approval rating had actually DROPPED to 27% before that hearing.
Conditions:  Major depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Panic Disorder, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, Hypertension, Anemia.
Initial Application:  05/2015
First Hearing:  10/24/2016
First Hearing Denial:  12/16/2016
Second Hearing: 01/29/2019 Bench Win!


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Re: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?
« Reply #110 on: March 07, 2020, 11:59:19 am »
well some judges are not Objective, you could tick all the boxes to be approved, but he is digging around for a reason to Deny, and I don't just mean he is looking in due diligence, he secretly isn't a fan of Disability so contantly trying to deny people who checked ALL the boxes....judges like that...if they get caught too many times Should get fired, and maybe prosocuted, kind of easy to prove make copys of the case and send it to like 4 other judges and  if they ALL rule favorable....that would be pretty much proof I would think...….but that's what should happen but never will


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Re: Were you Approved by an Administrative Law Judge?
« Reply #111 on: March 08, 2020, 06:56:02 am »
I was denied by one ALJ over 4 years ago and then approved by another in January of this year.

I’m forever grateful because he actually seemed to care and listened to everything that was said. All of my documents were complete and he reviewed them all. The last month or so went by fairly quick before I got my approval!
First Denial: October 2013
First Hearing: 2015
Second Hearing: 6/2019
Approved: 01/30/2020

Disabilities: DDD, PTSD, Chronic Anxiety, NCS, DID, SABTD, Depression, Palpitations, Fainting Spells

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