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Author Topic: NO POLITICS! Rules Clarifications....  (Read 3008 times)


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NO POLITICS! Rules Clarifications....
« on: August 09, 2020, 06:55:40 am »
Hi Everyone,

(I had to post this in a separate post topic, as there is a no reply button on the following 'no politics' post)....

NO POLITICS!;topicseen

Bonzai- Thanks for the clarification regarding the "no politics rule" on this forum. I have given you a "people helped" point for this further specific clarification as this is too general of a rule and definitely needs further clarification.

I agree in what you said about this website as follows: "
SSDFacts was created as a place on the Internet where people having problems with the Social Security Administration can come to for help.  That is our purpose, pure and simple."

Based on what you said, I interpret the "no politics" rule as follows:

NO posting about any political parties (democrat, republican, or any other political party)

NO posting about any reminders (don't tell others to go vote) and do not tell of the results of any elections (federal, state, local, or otherwise)

NO posting about directly contacting senators and congresspeople (for example do not post the direct email addresses and direct phone numbers of these people). (You do realize too, there is a section on this forum about contacting senators and congresspeople too....maybe that should be modified if this is against a forum rule)....

And (although this is more so a posting guideline than an actual forum terms of service rule).....

YES, always post a .gov link, as even though .gov stands for "government" (which is politics), this is not considered to be "political" according to this (which is not politics) forum.

Ok, I will adhere to these four rules, and will remind others on the forum about these rules too, refering them back to the following post:;topicseen
and this post here, for the specifics:

And if others have any further questions about the no politics rule I will ask them to contact you Bonzai for further clarification....

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Re: NO POLITICS! Rules Clarifications....
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2020, 12:11:49 pm »

The section concerning senators or congresspeople concerns getting them involved in a claimant's case if obstacles are encountered.  It does not deal with politics.

Links ending with a .gov mean that the source is from a Government agency, and it does not denote Politics.  Although the Government is partly comprised of elected officials, there are many more Government employees that were hired.  A Government source does not necessarily mean politics, although an elected official may influence a Government Agency as to what is actually posted on their website. 

Since we concern ourselves with ONLY Social Security related issues, we only post what legislation has passed and the ramifications thereof.  An example would be the suspension of payroll taxes; which if enacted would affect the Social Security negatively.  Although the President wants it and signed an executive order, there are many questions of the order's legality.  Since this hasn't been enacted, there is no post detailing exactly how the funding for Social Security has been impacted.

You are nitpicking something that is fairly simple.  No politics ~ meaning no posts about who 'said' what, regardless of party affiliation.  A post about legislation that has been made into law is allowable, but there can be no mention of which party supported or opposed the law.
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