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Title: 9/10 hour job
Post by: ASHLEYHOKIEFAN53 on May 24, 2020, 03:09:22 pm
Is it worth it to get pharmacy tech diploma to get 9/20 hour retail pharmacy tech job with chance at higher paying hospital job? And if live in area with low cost of living. I think may require now to get diploma to be certified. I babysit now with help for family in exchange being taking care of but was curious if would be worth trying a pharmacy tech job even retail . I have student loans taken care of but kinda proud of my diploma and kinda wonder whether waste of time
Title: Re: 9/10 hour job
Post by: Helper on May 24, 2020, 03:30:02 pm
It is a personal decision.  I recommend you talk it over with your therapist.

Also, confirm what the pharmacy tech requirements are in your state and what the starting pay rate is.

If you can work, I think that you should try it. 

While your family is taking care of your expenses now, something could happen in the future that makes then unwilling or unable to pay your expenses.  If you are babysitting for family now, what happens when the child(ren) grow up & no longer need a babysitter?  Will they still be willing to support you? What if they disagree with what your expenses should be (that they are covering)?

You will also earn SSDI credits by working a pharmacy tech job. 
Title: Re: 9/10 hour job
Post by: ASHLEYHOKIEFAN53 on May 24, 2020, 05:12:28 pm
I'm under 3 year watch peiord for student loan discharge so don't want work right now risk anything . I thought about getting maybe less stressful cashier job part time if go back to work after loans are discharged but I have hard time driving and feel like when do work I eat out lot handle stress work and people and although paid credit card bills phone bill rent car insurance gas internet when was working outside house felt like lot of money went eating out . I also would lose food stamps if go work and I fought hard to get them . I'm noylt sure how many hours I can work or for how long and if go work may no long deem me disabled and able to get food stamps without working. My grandmother buys some groceries but I need the good stamps to help but me snacks,simple stuff for me eat and it really helps. I watch eight year old nephew now. Soon 5 month and three year old nephews moving close by my house and also help watch them and may receive lil money  here and there. My other nephew will also soon be having kids and niece will have more and when younger nephew and cousin have said miss pharmacy but think cashier maybe better suited me although either or would work but going back to work also has downfalls and difficulty with getting to work so trying to make this work for now and long term and my family is committed to taking care of me although stuff happens financially stable and enough of them help me through everything and make sure I'm okay. I know it doesn't pay bills but also thought about volunteering hour or two week library shelving books if can't get disavility close by could get ride and maybe get paid job few hours. Tryed to get on when I was working and denied
Title: Re: 9/10 hour job
Post by: newdawn on May 24, 2020, 06:41:11 pm
I would think volunteering (or getting paid) to shelve books at a library would be much lower stress than being a pharmacy tech (based on my experience watching pharmacy techs work and interacting with them at retail pharmacies). Obviously the part-time book shelving job or volunteer work would pay less and not have benefits though. Just my opinion.

ETA: Definitely, as Helper recommended, talk it over with your therapist, psychiatrist, etc.