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Author Topic: very anxious need advice :(  (Read 1447 times)


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very anxious need advice :(
« on: August 27, 2010, 03:40:37 pm »
I am so sorry to come on here feeling so helpless.  I have been pretty upbeat lately but I start to worry about what the outcome of my ssd will be.  I did contact our Governor and in less than 24 hours got a call from the ssa office.  I was told that my claim looks good and to call him next week because they should have a decision on my claim. 

I don't know if the person I spoke to just said that to make me feel better or if they were saying the truth.  We are in a terrible financial situation and if things don't get better we are going to be in financial ruin and it leaves us with no alternative than to stop paying on our 3 credit cards and ruin our credit.  We are already behind in our mortgage and had to apply for a home modification and pray that we are approved.  I am diagnosed with a lesion on the cervical part of my spine which could have been caused by Multiple Sclerosis, I am also diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have depression.  All 3 of my doctors are on my side and have stated that I am unable to work any work even sedentary work for the foreseeable future.  My Rheumatologist was very clear in explaining about Fibromyalgia and why I am unable to work. 

I am just so scared as to what the decision will be.  I get worried when I read about all the denials.  I have been gainfully employed since 1989 when I was a teenager and the last 10 years I was a teacher.  I have never had to ask for any government assistance in my entire life and hope to God I am approved for benefits.  I never thought I would be in this situation but it is what it is and hopefully my condition will get better and I can return to the job that I worked so hard for, miss and love. 


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Re: very anxious need advice :(
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2010, 06:33:06 pm »

     We all have had our times of stress and doubt, however remember that your case is determined by your medical file. Does your doctor support you in your application and is he willing to state that on a letterhead? Your doctors and health care professionals will be the reason for your case to be approved. DDS by law has the responsibility of finding you disabled, also consider that the percentages you see also include those that are trying to use the system and are promptly denied take into account a person that breaks a leg and wants to file for disability, it is not a condition that would fall under the definition of disability for social security. The  best advice I can offer you is to get with your doctor and other health care providers you have seen and simply ask what they feel and if they are willing to back you up on your application.

I hope that relieves some stress for you



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Re: very anxious need advice :(
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2010, 07:11:08 pm »

     I want to personally welcome you to site and please know that you never need to apologize for feeling helpless.  That is the reason I started this site.  I wanted people going through this process to have a place to vent, ask questions, share stories and help one another.  Please feel free to do any of those at any time.  We are here for you in any way we can be. 
     I read with surprise your other post regarding calling your Governor.  I did not even realize that is an option.  It sounds like you got amazing results.  I have heard of people calling their congressman/woman but never the governor.  I appreciate you letting us know about this.  I think you got an amazing advocate for your case.  You were able to get a call back from the Social Security office in 24 hours and even some positive news.  I would hate to think the person would say something good just to make you feel better but as Doc said, your case is determined by your medical file.  From what you have posted, you certainly have the basis for a positive outcome.  It simply depends on your file and how it matches up with their criteria.  There is no way to know for sure one way or another until you get your answer.  I wish there was.  I know how hard this process can be.  The good thing is that your case is moving along and you should get an answer very soon. 

     I read a lot of posts from people and it makes me sad to feel their pain.  I know it is hard to ask for help and even harder to wait to see if it will come.  Unfortunately Social Security is not concerned with your financial situation.  They have a job to do and try to do it as quickly as the lack of staff allows them to do it.  I truly hope that things turn out positive for you and will keep you in my thoughts.  Please feel free to vent or ask anything that is on your mind.  We have been there.  I waited over 3 years for a decision and know how financially and emotionally draining this process is. 

I speak from experience not expertise.


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Re: very anxious need advice :(
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2010, 08:28:47 pm »
Thank you all for responding. I really appreciate you both taking the time to respond to me.  I am very thankful for finding this site.  It has a wealth of information and it is a God sent :) Thankfully both my neurologist and my Rheumatologist have written letters on their letterhead on my behalf to ssd with detail of my conditions.  That is on top of my medical records.  My medical records show when I was diagnosed with MS 2003 and how my symptoms have been and now have gotten worse after having my daughter.  I also have a history of depression that is in my medical records that the neurologist sent.  I guess I had forgotten that he knew back then when he first diagnosed me that i was on wellbutrin. 

My Rheumatologist, I was referred to him by my neurologist because of elevated levels of something in my blood (sorry can't remember right now) and because of my joint pain, fatigue, etc.  It was discovered that I have an elevated Rheumotoid Arthristis which means I will probably develop it.  It runs on both sides of my family.  My Rheumatologist was the one who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and wrote a very good letter on my behalf as well.  I was actually in shock when he diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and I actually had to do some research to really understand it better.

I will continue to have faith and pray that all will work out.  I will call next week and then let you know what I find out.

Thank you and have a blessed night.