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Title: Working
Post by: ASHLEYHOKIEFAN53 on June 05, 2020, 04:58:10 pm
I currently help babysit family and my family takes care of me . I'm in my thirties . I plan babysit years come taken care of by family. Trying get disability personality disorder. I have break downs when work. Worked for thirteen years and graduated college but wasn't always easy.i would lose foodstamps and might not get them back and need them for food. I'm currently getting student loans discharded and don't want mess that I'm. I have hard time driving knowing which side road to be on and have reckless driving and hit and run charges no jailtime but can't guarantee that in future I can't remember speed limits and almost got another reckless driving for almost going twenty over soredf limit even in areas I'm familiar with. I have hard time getting rides to work. Buses only go certain places and probably at least thirty minute walk just get bus. Taxis are expensive. I've worked as pharmacy tech,abc manager ,cashier ,went through army training and now babysit and help care for my elderly grandmother although she also cares for me. Im trying my best and just don't understand how makes since for me work. Can disability take that consideration I cant even get to
Title: Re: Working
Post by: ASHLEYHOKIEFAN53 on June 05, 2020, 05:00:41 pm
I know djit happens but there's enough people my family take care of me if can't get disability and plan get early retirement benefits I have credits for at 62 so that means I have 28 years which know is hard time
Title: Re: Working
Post by: darkpurple on June 05, 2020, 05:07:25 pm
What has happened when you try to get a lawyer for SSDI?  You need a lawyer.
Title: Re: Working
Post by: Just Me on June 05, 2020, 05:13:40 pm
SSA does not consider transportation when deciding disability. If you ability to drive safely is as bad as you say it is. You need to turn in your drivers license. You never drive with your nieces and/or nephews in the car do you ? How would you feel if you killed someone ? I am surprised your doctor has not reported you to the DMV.
Title: Re: Working
Post by: ASHLEYHOKIEFAN53 on June 05, 2020, 05:20:55 pm
I have license I'd purposes and will keep it but I don't drive and haven't for years. I ride with family members
Title: Re: Working
Post by: darkpurple on June 05, 2020, 05:44:15 pm
What has happened when you try to get a lawyer for SSDI? 

Get a lawyer from a small local firm.  Do not get a lawyer from a large national firm.
Title: Re: Working
Post by: Just Me on June 05, 2020, 06:56:27 pm
Every state has a state ID. You can get them at the DMV. An adjudicator and/or ALJ might question the difficulty you say you have driving if you still have a valid drivers license. That could cause credibility issues.
Title: Re: Working
Post by: Helper on June 05, 2020, 09:54:06 pm
You should also look into paratransit services through the bus company.  If your doctor completes a form, you can typically get door to door transportation at a low cost (like $1 or $3 each way) to medical appointments & shopping.  My previous county had 2 programs- Paratransit would take you anywhere in the county for a list of reasons- such as medical, education, church, senior centers, etc.  And their ADA program would take you anywhere you wanted for any reason as long as it was within 1/2 mile of a bus stop.  If your home/starting destination was more than 1/2 mile from a bus stop, than you could not get the ADA program since both the pick up & destination had the 1/2 mile requirements (but no limit on how far apart they were from each other).  And people who did not qualify for the ADA program still qualified for the Paratransit program.
Title: Re: Working
Post by: John242 on June 06, 2020, 06:29:07 pm
Hello, here are my thoughts on what you've shared so far about your case. Keep in mind what I am about to say is not me attacking you or questioning your disability - but rather trying to explain how the SSA policies might apply to your case.

Have you already filed? What did you write for #7, #12, and #13 on the 3373 form?

Do you have any physical impairments that prevent you from working? Or just mental impairments? If you only have mental impairments, I think you have a very long road ahead of you. It's not easy to get approved for mental impairments only at the initial or recon level, and sometimes not even at the ALJ level.

If you babysit for family, then that, in my opinion, could most likely lead to a denial. SSA looks at how well you are able to take care of yourself despite your conditions - you may not be able to drive anywhere, but if you can handle the responsibilities of taking care of others, then they will probably question that - even if you are saying you help them and they help you. You might need to write a very detailed narrative report explaining all this - if you only provide them some basic answers to their questions on the 3373, I would anticipate a denial.

If I may ask - was there a particular event/incident that was the deciding factor for when you stopped working? For example a car accident, traumatic experience, etc. Or did your existing conditions from when you had worked for 13 years slowly get worse?

Reason I ask is this is important to your case and explaining how/why you became disabled. If your medical records don't show either a triggering event or a slow state of decompensation over years, then it will be very very difficult to prove your case.

For example in my case, I had several mental impairments that I fought my way through for many years while I still worked. It was not easy, and is very well documented. However, once I started also having physical problems in my neck and back from the work I did, that's when I could no longer function because of their combined effect. If I only had one or the other, I would not be disabled.

So being able to accurately show this decompensation over many years significantly improves one's chance of being approved, if there is no one single significant event that led to your disability.