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Title: Third Party Function Report - PLEASE HELP
Post by: carrolljm on May 13, 2015, 01:05:18 pm
Third Party Function Report


My son was medically discharged from the Marine Corps in 2008. He retired with 50% disability and has been moved to permanent disability. He is 90% disabled with the VA. When he first got out he was able to work but his injuries and the fact he has had 24 surgeries he can no longer work. He is truly a sad shadow of his former self.

I have convinced him to file for SS disability. We have both received these function reports. There is a ton of information on the adult function report but not much on the third party report.

Would someone please give me some advice on how to fill this out? I am concerned I will not say something I should have, just because I don't know what to include. For example question 9 - Describe what he does all day. Well truthfully he gets up and sometimes he just lays in bed most of the day. He has a ton of issues and either due to pain or extreme lack of motivation he truthfully doesn't do much of anything.

Question 10. Does he take care of kids etc? Well he has a wife, although they are separated and three kids. He loves them more than anything.  He and his wife broke up because he was no longer working and she seems to think that even though he is on massive pain medication he should just suck it up. Well he did that but ended up falling asleep, due to all the meds, on the way home and almost killed himself. Now he lives with me but he can help with their home work and watch TV with them but that is about it.

I am just scared I will say the wrong thing. Any advice would be amazing.

Thank you
Title: Re: Third Party Function Report - PLEASE HELP
Post by: Lit Love on May 13, 2015, 01:25:25 pm
Does he bathe every day?  Get dressed?   

Where were his injuries?  Does he have a problem: Walking? Sitting? Standing?  Typing? Writing?  Doing his own laundry?  Fixing meals?  Doing housework?  Doing yard work?  Driving what distance? Going shopping?

Can he watch the children alone or do you need to be there?

Is he capable of handling his own finances?

Are there things you've taken over because he can no longer do them?  Has he had to adapt any daily functions?

Does he go to pt?  Do exercises at home?

Does he have any social life or has that changed?  Is he dating? 
Title: Re: Third Party Function Report - PLEASE HELP
Post by: Just Me on May 13, 2015, 04:38:34 pm
What things do you help him with ? Do you fix most of his meals, but he might be able to fix a sandwich ? Do you or someone elae have to be there when the children are there or can he be left alone with them ? Just be honest. The non medical and medical evidence needs to be consistent. Don't stretch the things that you do for him. Foe example, if he can  dress himself but not put on or tie his shoes, put that. Be specific and detailed. Be sure and specify the things he can't do because of the side effects of the medications as opposed to things he can't do as a direct result of hus impairments. Creditability is vital.